Loss Prevention

We all know how important it is to maintain a good credit rating, personally and professionally. The ability to buy products or borrow is greatly compromised if we can not demonstrate an established record of excellent payment history 

While credit history is a critical underwriting tool for lenders, the standard that is crucial to business insurance underwriters is your record of past claims history. Buying business insurance competitively can be a difficult and expensive proposition without establishing a successful claim record. Business owners and managers need a pro active approach in developing a plan to prevent losses.

Creative Coverage is willing to assist you in working to establish a culture of safety within your organization.We can provide your company with a broad range of loss prevention reference material that can be used in developing an effective safety program for your operation. Some examples of this material are included below. Loss control specialists from the carriers we represent are also available for specific accounts where loss prevention services are essential. Our office will coordinate this effort for insureds that are looking to develop strong safety initiatives.

      Accident Prevention Contractor

      Contractual Liability

      Contract Language

      Controlling Contractor Liability

      Scaffolds and Work Platforms

      Lifting Technique

      Liquor Control Policy Checklist: Reducing Your Risk          

      Pre-Operations Safety Planning

      Model Return to Work Program

      Self- Inspection Checklist

      Storage of Idle Wood Pallets on Shelving over Shipping Receiving Docks

      Understanding the accord Certificate of Insurance

      Contracting Work Performed on Company Premises: A Guide for Contractors

      Contracting Work Performed on Company Premises: A Guide for Owners

  Personal Protective Equipment

  Accident Prevention

  Portable Fire Extinguishers

  Hazard Communication

  Slip and Falls